Crassula Arborescens Silver Dollar Jade – Completer Care Guide

Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade” or “blue bird jade plant” is a luxurious succulent to grow. Its appearance is like its parent crassula ovata “jade plant” in growth, the shape of leaves, and habitat.

Silver jade is native to South Africa (Eastern and Western Cape).

Description and appearance of Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar”

Silver dollar jade is a many-branched succulent shrub or you can call it a small tree.


You can grow it up to 4 ft (1.2m) tall.  If you take good care of it, the leaves will grow up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) long.

 Leaves color and appearance: 

Leaves of Crassula Arborescens “silver jade plant” are exotic and beautiful. The Leaves have a rounded, fat, silverfish-grey appearance with

reddish spots on the surface and maroon edges.

 Flowers of silver dollar jade: 

The flowers are white-pinkish in color, they are tiny but numerous. Depending on the care, growing conditions, and climate, there can be many shades of flowers, from white to deep pink is common.

  • USDA Zone 9b: to -3.8 C (25 F)
  • USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 C (30 F)
  • The USDA Zone 10b: 1.7 C (35 F)
  • The USDA Zone 11: more than 4.56 C (40 F)

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Where should I plant my silver dollar jade plant, indoor or outdoor?

You can plant your Crassula Arborescens “silver jade” indoor as well as outdoor, it is up to you.

Conditions, growth time, care, and maintenance vary between indoor and outdoor silver jades.

I have highlighted the major difference between indoor and outdoor conditions for growth below.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade”?

Indoor silver dollar jade grows taller than outdoor ones, indoor conditions are ideal for these succulents. The warm and fuzzy atmosphere with enough sunlight favorable.


Most succulents like silver dollar jade love it indoors.indoor lighting

Your succulent will thrive in indoor conditions and will probably grow taller than the outdoor ones.

4 to 5 hours of sunlight will bring our red tint in the leaves. Find a south-facing window or any other if you don’t have one.

Place your Crassula Arborescens near the window and leave it there for 4-5 hours at least.

Direct scorching sunlight especially in the summers is harmful even indoors.

In that case, find a north-facing window and place your silver dollar jade near it.

If your home is not receiving any sunlight, use desk lamps or artificial lighting with “LED” bulbs.


Outdoor, silver dollar jade can tolerate full shade to partial sun.

outdoor lighting

4 hours of indirect sunlight should be or give or take 1 hour.

You must protect your Crassula Arborescens from the intense direct sunlight, your silver jade will be sunburned If you let it take a sunbath under the scorching light for prolonged periods.

If you live in a hot and dry climate, you must be extra careful of the direct sun rays.

It won’t kill your silver dollar succulent, but it will hurt it to some extent.


Silver jades don’t need much water as they do outdoors.

Water your Crassula Arborescens 2-inches deep in the pot.

Watering once every 20-40 days should be enough.

Check the top two inches of the soil, it is dry, water your silver dollar plant otherwise do not water it.

Hold back the water in the dormant season because indoor succulents don’t need much water inside. Feed them water before the start of the winter & fall.

They are drought-tolerant, don’t worry, your silver jade will be fine.

If you feel necessary, water your plant once in the dormant season.


Succulents are drought tolerant; they might survive without water for a long time, they won’t die, but they may sustain some damage.

Outdoor conditions are different than indoor, temperature and humidity are greater, more sun rays, and you silver dollar jade is exposed to the weather.

Water silver dollar succulent 6-inches deep in the ground (when planted in the ground).

Don’t splash water on the leaves.

Water it once every 1-2 months.

Check the dryness of the soil before watering.

Don’t water your silver jade if the soil is wet.

Hold backwater in the dormant season (winter and fall) or you can water it a couple of times if you feel it is necessary.


Indoor, silver dollar plants need fertilization as well. Once in 3-4 months is fine.

Dilute the strength fertilizer in here as well.


Fertilize your Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade plant once every 3-4 months.

Many people say they can live without fertilization but feeding will increase the growth and will refill the nutrients within the soil.

Dilute the fertilizer’s strength, ½ teaspoon mixed with a gallon of water.

How should I plant my Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar plant”?

  • When you purchase your silver jade, take a good look at the soil depth in the container your plant is sitting in.
  • Plant the succulent in a garden bed or containers at the same depth as you saw it in that purchased container.
  • When you dig a hole, mix that removed soil with organic compost, the quantity should be equal. It will increase the nutrient value and water will drain more efficiently.
  • Place the silver dollar jade and fill the hole with soil, carefully tight the base of the root. Make it tight in the pot as well, succulents like it is crowded.

How to grow and care Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade plant”?

It is very easy to grow this succulent though it grows slowly compared to other succulents.

Silver dollar jade loves it inside, the interiors of homes and apartments are ideal for it.

After planting Crassula silver jade into the ground outdoor or pot indoor, the following things should be taken care of to ensure healthy growth.

  • Sunlight requirement
  • Water requirement
  • Fertilization
  • Frost control
  • Propagation

Sunlight requirements of Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade” need – Indoor and Outdoor

Silver dollar plant is not cold hardy, they will do just fine either you want to put them in the ground or pot outside during the warm and hot climate. Move it inside when the temperature falls below 20 F.


  • 4-5 hours of indirect sunlight is enough for the newly purchased silver jade.
  • Do not put it under the direct scorching sunlight, the leaves might get sunburned after some time.
  • If your home is not blessed with sunlight, then use desk lamps with “LED” bulbs of high wattage.
  • Your silver dollar succulents will grow under artificial lighting, don’t worry.
  • Full shade to partial won’t hurt it.
  • You can expose it to direct sunlight for a couple of hours in the winter.


  • As I have already mentioned in the comparison table, outdoor, succulents exposed to more harsh weather and temperate.
  • They will grow healthy and beautiful, 4-5 hours of sunlight (indirect) is fine.
  • Don’t plant them in the ground where sunlight is directly hitting the silver dollar jade, plant it in a corner where it receives enough light (indirect).

How much and when to water a silver dollar jade?

Watering is the most sensitive part of growth, Crassula Arborescens like most of the succulents are prone to root rot.

You should make a schedule of watering during the growing season (summer and spring) and dormant season (winter and fall).

let us see how to water it step by step:

  • Initially when you purchase a silver dollar jade, ask the shop or nursery about recent watering, he/she will tell you when you should give your plant its first drink.
  • If he/she hasn’t told you, then check the soil within the pot, if the soil is dry, water it, and if it is wet, withhold watering.
  • Watering once or twice every month should be enough in the growing season.
  • You can increase it if you are living in a hot and sizzling climate.
  • If you are living in a humid area, cut back the watering a little, because there is already moisture available in the atmosphere.
  • Crassula Arborescens dislikes humidity and it stores everything inside its thick leaves.
  • If you are growing your succulent outside, watering twice every month should be beneficial because it is facing a warmer atmosphere.
  • During the growing season, watering should be regular but controlled.
  • Gradually reduce the watering in autumn until winter to make sure the roots don’t rot.

we have prepared the detailed guide to water the succulent let’s have a look

PRO TIP: Get a couple of potting mixtures that you want to use for your succulent. Wet each of the mixtures and squeeze them. A good potting mixture should crumble away rather than forming a clump. Check which mixture crumbles the best, and you are good to go.

Overwatering and Underwatering a Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade” – Problems and solutions


  • Succulents are prone to root rot. Overwatering is the primary reason for it.
  • Do not silver dollar plant swim in the water, its leaves might get mushy and soft on touch, the plant may fall over due to the extra weight of water absorbed in the leaves and stem.
  • If the leaves of your Crassula Arborescens are falling off and you have checked the fertilization, sunlight hours, and mealybugs and pests’ control, then overwatering is the reason.
  • Some of them may fall as they catch rot or become heavy due to excess water.
  • Overwatering is the winter or freezing temperatures is doubly dangerous.


  • If you haven’t watered your Crassula Arborescens for months, then it is a problem. At least, not to the extent of overwatering because succulents are the second-most drought-tolerant plant after cacti.
  • Some of the leaves may fall due to overwatering but underwatering can be the reason as well.
  • If you have checked the sunlight hours and fertilization schedule, and still some of the leaves are turning yellow, it may be your silver dollar jade is not getting enough water.
NOTE: If you compare both underwatering and overwatering cases, less water is far better than overwatering.

Fertilization requirements of Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade”

You may have read on multiple websites that silver dollar jades don’t need fertilization, many people believe it and they have agreed with it.

Think for a minute,  you are watering your jade plant for years and years, you have taken very good care of it.

Nutrients within the soil might get drained away with the water from the potholes, have you ever thought about it?

Nutrients within soil deplete over time, and it is only better for you to either change the pot or feed your plant.

If you don’t, leaves might drop or turn yellow, the plant might not grow that well. Fertilization is necessary because they also need food like us.

How to fertilize a silver dollar plant?

Feeding one to two times in the growing season will keep your Crassula Arborescens healthy and strong.

Use a specially designed succulent and cacti mix fertilizer.

You may dilute the strength of the fertilizer to half, ½ teaspoon per gallon of water for outdoor, and 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of water for indoor is a standard.

Mix it with soil very carefully, do not harm any root or do not splash the fertilizer on the leaves

Taking care of silver dollar jade from frost

Crassula Arborescens isn’t cold hardy, if your area is exposed to freezing temperatures in winters, you should consider moving your silver dollar jade inside.

Leaves might get shriveled, wrinkled, and flat on touch if they are exposed to frost overnight.

If you can’t move your plant inside, then use frost clothes to protect it during nighttime.

What should I do if my silver dollar jade is exposed to frost?

Frost Care

Immediately move it inside, place it in a warm and dry room. Don’t rush, wait until the freezing temperatures are gone.

Use desk lamp with “LED” bulbs of high wattage for 6-7 hours. Your succulent will slowly come back to life.

Acclimate the silver jade to new conditions, move them inside when the night temperate falls below 25 F.

NOTE: During the transitioning from inside to outside, some of the leaves might fall, it is completely normal, don’t worry. It is necessary to locate the silver jade inside during freezing temperatures to protect it from further danger.

How to propagate Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar jade”?

Crassula Arborescens Silver Dollar Jade Propagation

Silver jade-like their parent “jade plant” is very easy to propagate. You can cut and make babies from your succulent many time overs.

There are two types of propagation: leaf propagation and stem propagation.

 Stem propagation of silver dollar jade: 

It is an easier and recommended method. Leaf propagation is difficult and takes a little longer to grow.

  • Mid-summer is the best time, hot, warm, bright, and humid conditions are favorable for stem propagation.
  • Dip your clippers or knife in rubbing alcohol or any sterilization fluid to ensure safe cutting.
  • Choose a decent-sized healthy stem, cut about 2-4 inches.
  • Remove all the extra branches and leaves, leave few leaves on the top.
  • Now you have successfully propagated your silver dollar jade.
 Leaf propagation of silver dollar jade plant: 

It is relatively difficult to grow a baby silver jade from leaf-cutting but if you got nothing but leaves, you should give it a try.

Carefully pluck 4-5 leaves along with their stem. Don’t break off any leaf of its stem otherwise, they won’t grow.

Don’t break their stem either.

PRO TIP: don’t throw any clippings or broken stem, you can propagate them both.

Growing a propagated baby Crassula Arborescens “silver dollar plant”

Let your freshly cut stem or leaf dry off, fresh air and temperature will do it for you. Wait for 24-48 hours.

  • After waiting 24-48 hours, dip the silver dollar cuttings (cutting ends) into the rooting hormone. It will ensure faster and healthier growth.
  • Set up a pot now, make a decent sized pothole, a mixture of coarse sand, perlite, and potting is light sandy soil, it is best for your silver jade.
NOTE: General soil may cause root rot because it is too heavy for a cutting.
  • Fill the gaps tightly, succulents like it crowded. Place it indoors in a warm and fuzzy room, avoid sunlight at this stage.
  • Wait for 2-3 weeks, now you can water your silver dollar jade.
  • Water is full, give it a good drink. Use the soak and dry method to check for the dryness of the soil (upper 2-inches of the soil) before watering it.
  • If you are living in a humid area, you might not water it fully.
  • In humid areas, there is already moisture available in the atmosphere, and silver dollar jades store extra water in their leaves.
  • Apply misting at the base of the plant.
 Wait for 7-8 weeks. 
  • After waiting 7-8 weeks, your silver jade is ready to see the sun.
  • At this point, Crassula Arborescens might have grown healthy roots.
  • 2-3 hours of indirect sunlight is enough at this stage, make sure you are placing your silver dollar jade under direct sunlight, the leaves are not mature yet, they are getting sunburns.
  • Acclimate the plant to the sun, gradually increase the sun hours.
  • It is fine if your home is not receiving any sunlight, artificial lighting indoors will do the job.

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