Crassula Streyi (Pondoland crassula)-Detailed Step by Step Caring Guide

Crassula Streyi is a unique succulent from crassula family commonly known as “Pondoland crassula”.

This is slow-growing succulent with the ability to live for a long time.

Pondoland crassula may found as 14 inches (35cm) high.

generally, it found shorter in size because its stem lies down and after some time it losses the lower leaves.

It has broad eclipse shaped deep green coloured leaves with dark green dots on the upper side and a deep maroon colour at the lower side of leaves,

Some of the crassula Streyi have veins on the top of the leaf along with the dark green spots which seek the attention of most succulent lovers.

It may bloom in spring with green-yellowish flowers with a touch of red colour.

Carssula Streyi Care

  • pondo cliff crassula.
  • pondoland crassula.
  • Category: succulent
  • Family: Crassulaceae
  • Genus: Crassula
  • Origin: South Africa and Namibia
  • province: KwaZulu-Natal coast.
 HARDINASS ZONE:  USDA hardiness Zone 10b 35oF (+1.7oC) to 11b 50oF (+10oC).

 Where to plant 

This crassula succulent is a little bit more cold hardy as compared to the others.

It can’t bear the temperature below 35oF.

If you want to plant it outdoor, then make sure to measure the temperature especially at the night time in winter.

On the other hand, it can’t bear the harsh solar rays in the summers.

Fortunately, if you are living at a place where both winter and summer is mild then you can plant it outdoor otherwise it can’t bear the real winter and summer.

Detailed View of leaves

Leaves of Carssula Streyi (pondoland crassula)

you can observe the beauty of this plant with different colour shades it has Large eclipse shaped green coloured leaves with dark green dots on the upper side and a deep maroon colour at the bottom side.

How to Care for crassula Streyi

  • How to Water Crassula Streyi.
  • Lightning Requirments.
  • Soil Requirments.
  • Pot or Container.
  • Fertilizer Requirments
  • Repotting Process.
  • Propagation.
  • Mealybugs and diseases.

How to Water Crassula Streyi

Since this succulent is the native from south African warmer places it doesn’t like overwatering.

Infect overwatering is the main cause of root rot.

Make sure to water it according to the needs, mostly it needs watering after 5-6 days in summer and 7-8 days in winter.

Also, the watering process somehow depends on the climate, if you are living in a warm climate your succulent may need frequent watering.

The most crucial part of the watering process is to identify whether your plant needs watering or not.

I suggest you to use 2-inch finger rule to identify the watering needs of your plant.

2-inch finger rule is very simple just you need to dig a 2-inch long hole in the soil with your index finger and observe the moisture in the soil.

If you found the moisture, then leave it for several days until it becomes de-moisturize.

Here is the step by step guide to water your crassula Steryi

 STEP 1:  use well-drained potting mix and a container with a drainage hole.

 IMPORTANT STEP 2:  pour water into the soil, don’t water the leaves because it can attract several bugs and diseases.

 STEP 3:  water the soil for 2-3 times until soil becomes a little bit wet, keep examine that weather water completely draining out from the bottom hole.

Whole water should be completely drained out from the bottom otherwise it leads to rot root rot.

Lightning Requirments

Like all crassula Succulent, it needs an adequate amount of lighting for growing and enhancing its beauty.

Lightning plays a vital role to make your plant happy for a long time.

It needs lighting either outdoor lighting (direct sunlight) or indoor lighting (filtered light).

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 Outdoor lighting (direct sunlight) 

like all crassula succulent this plant can be grown in full sun but it needs some safety precaution.

Prolong exposure of harsh sun radiations may burn the leaves of this plant.

Make sure to plant it outdoor if you are living at a place where both winter and summer is mild.

If you are living at a place where both summer and winter are real, then it is nearly impossible to plant it outdoor.

In summers you can use shades or greenhouse to protect your plants from harsh sun radiations.

 Indoor lighting (filtered sunlight) 

Indirect lighting is the main source to make your Pondoland crassula healthy and happy even in real summer.

Make sure to select a window where an adequate amount of light falls and then place the plant on that window.

NOTE: Crassula Streyi prefers indoor lighting over outdoor lighting make sure plant it in a pot and place it indoor.

Soil Requirments

soil is the main ingredient to grow your plant select a well-drained potting mix for your crassula steryi, make sure that the soil is de-moisturize.

Generally, good soil may contain potting soil, pumice or perlite, coarse sand and organic fertilizers like cow dung powder and neem cake.

A good soil plays a vital role to make your Pondoland crassula healthy and happy, while a bad soil with poor drainage properties may completely destroy your plant.

Make sure to select a soil with has the ability to drain out water completely.

Pot or container

Vast varieties of pots are available in the market but make sure to select a pot of appropriate size with a drainage hole at the bottom.

Don’t use a pot without drainage hole at the bottom because it can destroy your plant.

Fertilizer Requirments

Slow dosage of fertilizer in summer will improve the growth of Pondoland Crassula.

Make a dilute mixture of water and fertilizer and release it in the soil of this succulent make sure to release a controlled amount of fertilizer, over fertilizer may impact your plant negatively.

You can feed your plant monthly or weekly basis depending on the concentration of fertilizer and water.

If the concentration of fertilizer is more in water, then you can use it monthly basis otherwise you can use it weekly.

PRO TIP: you can use the natural organic fertilizer for your succulents like cow dung powder and neem cake. These organic fertilizers will also improve the health and accelerate the growth of your crassula Streyi.

Repotting Process

I believe that repotting plays an ideal role to improve the health and growth of your plant.

It is necessary to repot your plant after 1-1.5 years.

Why do we need to Repot right after 1-1.5 years?

there are mainly two reasons to repot your plant.

1. Soil losses some nutrients due to watering.

2. Repotting will give you a visual view of roots weather it is healthy or not and also you can get the exact measurement of roots

NOTE: Make sure to Repot your plant in warmer seasons when the soil of your plant becomes too dry.

Here is the step by step guide to Repot your Pondoland crassula

 IMPORTANT STEP 1:  Remove all the old soil from your succulent.

 STEP 2:  Remove all the old soil from the roots by shaking it.

 IMPORTANT STEP 3:  remove the all dead roots with knife or hand.

 STEP 4:  Treat the cuts with any fungicide.

 IMPORTANT STEP 5:  Place crassula Streyi in the new pot and backfill the new soil.

 STEP 6:  Don’t water it for a week.

 STEP 7:  When the new soil becomes dry then stat watering lightly.


Like all crassula succulent propagation of this plant is very easy and interesting.

propagation not only gives new plants but also it can improve the health and growth of the mother plant.

Keep propagate your plant when you feel it becomes leggy and appear as irregular.

Pondoland crassula can be propagated from leaf cuttings because it has large leaves like Crassula Falcata

Propagate from leaf cutting

The method of propagation from leaf-cutting is very simple just you need to remove the leaf with a knife or hand and place it in a well-drained potting mix until it forms roots.

Here is the step by step guide to propagating crassula Sreyi from leaf cutting

 IMPORTANT STEP 1:  Select a healthy leaf and remove it with a knife or hand.

 STEP 2:  After cutting the leaf leave it for 2-3 days at a bright and dry place until it becomes dry and hardens.

 IMPORTANT STEP 3:  Place the leaf on the surface of well-drained potting mix.

 STEP 4:  Don’t water it for 1 week, after one-week spray water lightly.

 IMPORTANT STEP 5:  Once it forms roots then plant it in a pot and start the caring process.

Mealybugs and diseases

Carssula Streyi Mealybugs care

Like all crassula succulent this succulent is susceptible against mealybugs, large insects and overwatering.

Mealybugs and other insects love to play with elliptical large leaves of this plant.

If you found the healthy leaves of your plant become curled and some cottony material found on the leaves then your plant must be attacked by mealybugs.

How to recover your plant after mealybugs attack?

 IMPORTANT STEP 1:  Move your plant from that place to another safe place.

 STEP 2:  wash your plant with neem oil or a spray which contain 70% of isopropyl alcohol.

 IMPORTANT STEP 3:  after spray washes the whole plant with water.

 STEP 4:  Repeat this process for 1-2 times in a day for 2-3 days.

NOTE: Mealybugs not only affects your plant negatively, but overwatering is also another major reason to attract several diseases including root rot.


Crassula Streyi is a rare forest jewel which will enhance your garden’s beauty with its large unique coloured elliptical shaped leaves.

Many succulent lovers, would love to adopt this succulent in their collection due to its unique mulita colour leaves.

According to the Red list of South African plants, crassula Streyi is a very rare plant it can only found at several places.

However, You can multiply this Succulent with the propagation which is also a simple technique.

Make sure to propagate this succulent when it becomes leggy, it will also increase the growth and stability of this succulent.

like all succulent Pondoland crassula is very easy to grow and care.

It will further enhance the beauty of your garden when it flowers mainly in May, June. (Source = Global plants)

another major reason to adopt this plant is its ability to live long.

Though this succulent is defensive less against some challenges like overwatering, mealybug, dark places and poor-quality soil still you can make this plant happy with a little bit of care.

Also, this plant will be a great addition to your indoor succulents.

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